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Tick-Stop Organic Tick Control

20 years ago, Wildflower Farm formulated a potato fertilizer for use on the farm. We added amendments which we hoped would deter Colorado Potato Beetles and their grubs. As with any field crop, we always prepare more fertilizer than we expect to use to avoid running short at planting time. This surplus, usually a half ton or so, would go to a cousin, a landscaper in Dutchess County, N.Y. He used it on the lawns of clients who wanted an organic fertilizer. Aside from producing a healthy deep green lawn, clients began reporting a dramatic drop in tick populations.


So began 10 years of research, experimentation and field trials. The responsible components were isolated, increased and recombined. The result is Tick-Stop, a totally organic blend which deters Black Legged Ticks (Lyme Ticks) and keeps deterring for up to 10 weeks, depending on rainfall levels.


It is also an effective lawn fertilizer with an analysis of N (4.8%), P2O5 (1.36%), K2O (1.95%), Ca (13.33%), Mg (0.25%), S (0.49%), Cu (0.006%), Fe (0.661%), Zn (0.055%).


At the recommended application rate of 40 lbs. per 4,000 sq. ft. (440 lbs., or 11 bags, per acre), Tick-Stop will take care of all your lawn's nutritional needs as well as rid it of ticks.


Field trials have been conducted in both the Hudson and Mohawk Valleys for over 15 years, all of which have resulted in tick-free lawns. Kids, cats and dogs don’t have to come back in with ticks.



Tick-Stop is packaged in 40 lb. bags for ease of handling.

One bag will treat 4,000 sq ft of lawn (11 bags per acre) or 1,250 ft of trail, if applied with a professional spreader.

Alternatively, we have found that coverage can be greatly expanded by applying with the use of a one quart scoop by hand. If, using this method, lawns are hit lightly and brushy areas, stone walls etc. (wherever mice tend to congregate) are hit more heavily, coverage can be increased to up to 6,000 sq ft per bag, or about 8 bags per acre. We recommend this method for the average homeowner. Feel free to ask us for further instructions on this application method. 



Tick-Stop can be ordered through a dealer/retailer near you. Contact us for the name and address of the dealer nearest you. (Dealer inquiries are also welcome.)


"I started using John Janiszewski’s ‘Tick Stop’ 3 1/2 years ago. I thought, well it’s worth the try because nothing else I am doing works. I really didn’t believe it would work as well as it did. I mean really, just spread it on the land two times in the first year and then one time after that per year? Really? Never did I expect to see a difference immediately. Within a couple weeks of spreading the powder on the land I found no ticks on me. In places I didn’t apply it...Ticks. Amazing. I swear by this product. And the other thing, it’s good for the soil, micro organisms,  and plants! Every plant it touches does better!"
-Marguerite Uhlmann-Bower, R.N., Herbalist, Gardener


In the Hudson Valley, please contact for further information.


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