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Field & Vegetable Crops

Our field and vegetables crops division, Elk Creek Custom Blending, provides custom fertilizer blends, either bagged for convenience or in totes.


We will provide you with a price quote for a blend on receipt of your soil test results. Our soils consultant is available to take your soil samples and formulate a least cost blend for you, if you wish.


We also stock a large variety of soil amendments (see below) should you wish to purchase individual components.


Contact us for the current price per pound. There is an additional charge of $10 per pallet and $25 per tote bag, both refundable on return.


All pricing provided is for pick-up at Wildflower Farm in Delhi, N.Y. Delivery/shipping quotes can be provided upon request.


Soil Amendments In-Stock:

  • Tenn. Brown Rock Phosphate 0 - 3 - 0 ( 21-25% P2O5 ), 20% Ca & 20 trace minerals

  • Sulfate of Potash 0 - 0 - 52

  • H-80 (ground chicken feathers) (N 12.8%)

  • Chilean Nitrate 16 – 0 – 0

  • Bone Meal 5.58 - 8.52 - 0.91 (Ca 22.7%)

  • Organic Sulfur 90%

  • Copper sulfate

  • Full range of micronutrients

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