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Wildflower Farm

Wildflower Farm was established in 1950 by Pauline and Henry Janiszewski. This beautiful Delaware County farm became their home when they moved their young family from New Haven, Connecticut to become dairy farmers. 


The farm has since evolved into what you will explore throughout this site. It was home to Pauline for the remainder of her life, until she passed away at 101 in 2020.  Her children, John and Sonia, still live on the farm, along with one of her granddaughters. On any given day, you'll find Sonia wrangling rabbits, chickens and ducks, or gardening, or John in the fields mowing, mixing fertilizers, or under a tractor or piece of equipment. John’s daughter, Anna, lives on the property as well, and has become Wildflower Farm's head of sales and marketing, as well as all-around farmhand. Her three brothers, and a sister who lives nearby, visit often to tend to the gardens or just to come check out the animals with their kids. 

Spanning four generations, the Janiszewskis are proud to call this beautiful little corner of the world their home.

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