Wildflower Farm was established in 1950 by Pauline and Henry Janiszewski. This beautiful Delaware County farm became their home when they moved their young family from New Haven, Conn. to become dairy farmers. 


The farm has since evolved into what you will explore throughout this site and remains home to Pauline, who turned 100 in 2017, and two additional generations of Janiszewskis. On any given day, you'll find Virginia (Sonia) wrangling rabbits, chickens and ducks, or gardening, or John in the fields mowing, mixing fertilizers or under a tractor or piece of equipment. John’s eldest son also lives at the farm, while his six other children, ranging 20 years in age and spread across four states, visit frequently if for nothing more than their grandmother’s pierogies.

While the farm has changed in many ways from its dairy days, the sound of Pauline’s humming and the smell of her baking still welcome all who visit. 

Wildflower Farm

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Wildflower Farm

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