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This complete, balanced organic fertilizer is formulated for optimum yield, flavor and color. With essential trace minerals in addition to macro nutrients, this blend provides your vegetables, fruits and flowers what they need to reach their full potential. 



Macro Nutrients:

Nitrogen - 5%, Phosphorus - 12%, Potassium - 2%, Sulphur - 3%

Essential Trace Minerals:

Iron - 0.73%, Cobalt - 0.046%, Calcium - 13.5%, Manganese - 1.2%, Zinc -0.17%, Boron - 0.17%, Copper - 0.12%, Magnesium - 1%

Sold either in 20 pound bags for ease of handling, or in bulk. Wholesale pricing for pick-up at Wildflower Farm in Delhi, N.Y. , available upon request. Delivery/shipping quotes can also be provided.


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Homestead Garden

Essential Trace Mineral Blend

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