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Homestead Garden Mix
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Elk Creek Custom Blending​


We've been formulating our own fertilizers for use with our farm compost for years, and at some point figured, "Why not blend and bag fertilizers and soil amendments for other local growers too?"


To that end, we created Elk Creek Custom Blending and acquired RenRock Organic Fertilizer, a well-known and respected company established in 1986. We are also pleased to have had Paris Reidhead, from RenRock, as our soil consultant, and to help us prepare least cost formulations for area farmers.

We are now thrilled to have expanded the operation to produce pre-bagged blends in addition to custom bulk mixes. We currently feature our Tick Stop organic tick deterrent, a highly effective method of dramatically reducing tick populations on and around lawns; our Homestead Garden Essential Trace Mineral blend, a robust mix that delivers all the nutrients your fruits, vegetables, flowers, and shrubs could ever want; and our Lawn Green Max Mix, for your healthiest, densest, greenest lawn yet.


All of our component ingredients are OMRI listed (Organic Material Research Institute). Certificates are available. 


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