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Lawn Green Max Mix

Lawn Green Max Mix is an in-stock, pre-bagged fertilizer blend, formulated to produce a lawn to be proud of.


Lawn Green Max Mix was developed to meet the concept that the best way to have a weed-free lawn is not with herbicides but by having a healthy, vigorous grass capable of crowding out the competition.


To that end, this blend contains a substantial portion of calcium to further turn the balance in favor of the lawn grasses.


The ratio of Nitrogen to Phosphorus to Potassium is 11-1-1. We have added essential trace minerals as well: Cobalt, Copper, Manganese, Zinc, Sulfur, and Boron. 


Lawn Green Max Mix is packaged in 40 pound bags, for ease of handling, and is also available in large totes, upon request. 


Inquire with us about pricing, availability, and delivery options. 


NOTE:  If you live in an area with Lyme Ticks, you should consider Tick-Stop Organic Tick Control.

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