Lawn Green

Lawn Green is an in-stock, pre-bagged fertilizer blend, formulated to produce a lawn to be proud of.


Lawn Green was developed to meet the concept that the best way to have a weed-free lawn is not with herbicides but by having a healthy, vigorous grass capable of crowding out the competition.


To that end, Lawn Green contains 29.0% calcium to further turn the balance in favor of the lawn grasses.


Phosphate is at 0.25%, with-in DEC regulations for homeowner application.


The complete analysis is N – 2.25%, P - 0.25%, K – 1.02%, Ca – 29.0%, Mg – 0.65%.


Suggested Retail - 40 lb. bag - $24.99

1,000 lb. Pallet - 25, 40 lb. bags - $459.50 ($18.38 per bag)

1,000 lb. Tote -  $427.00


All pricing provided is for pick-up at Wildflower Farm in Delhi, N.Y. Delivery/shipping quotes can be provided upon request.


NOTE:  If you live in an area with Lyme Ticks, you should consider Tick-Stop Organic Tick Control.

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