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 Grass-fed Beef

Our beef operation evolved from our family dairy farm in 1986. The farm’s abundant high-quality meadows, pastures and crystal-clear water are ideal for the production of exceptionally fine quality beef. Our main herd consists of both Angus and Hereford cattle. We also produce a limited amount of crossbreed Angus and Jersey for those who prefer a deeper beef flavor.


Our cattle spend the spring and summer with free access to our woods and pastures and are rotated onto our alfalfa and clover fields in the fall or in preparation for sale. Finishing beef cattle on legumes such as clover produces the most flavorful and tender beef available.


We also produce a uniquely flavored beef on special order. These select steers are finished on sprouted, fermented barley, as well as clover. The result is a malty, Colby type of flavor that has to be tried to be appreciated.


All of our beef is completely naturally produced and PCO certified grass fed. We use no hormones, all of our fields get only organic fertilizers, we use no GMO forage crops, and feed absolutely no corn. 

We are now selling by the cut--all USDA inspected. Call or visit us for pricing and availability. We can also sell by the half steer and arrange to have it cut and wrapped to your specifications. Our steers have a live weight of approximately 1,000 pounds and yield a carcass weight of about 550 pounds. That carcass weight will yield about 450 pounds of packaged meat.


Contact us for more details or to place an order. As with all of our products, we suggest you visit the farm to learn more about our operation and practices.

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