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Hay Blends

Our philosophy of self-sufficiency at Wildflower Farm also includes the care and feeding of our horses. We firmly believe that horses were not meant to eat grain. Their digestive system is that of a grazer and browser. In nature the only grain a horse would get would be the seeds nipped from the heads of grasses. Unless a horse is working very hard (much more than any trail horse), they can and should get all of their nutrition from high-quality grasses. The key is “high-quality” grass (and hay).


High-quality grasses don’t just happen. If your soils don’t have the needed minerals, neither will the grass. Likewise not all grasses have the same nutritional value.


For more information on fertilizers that will improve your grass quality and quantity visit our Fertilizer page.


We also offer two blends of organic grass and legume seed perfect for horses.


Our Meadow Blend is formulated to produce a high-quality hay and graze. It must be seeded into a well prepared soil bed.


Our Pasture Blend can be applied with little or no ground prep. We recommend a light disking where possible. Where disking is not feasible we recommend frost seeding. Frost seeding is spreading seed on ground which is cracked open by the cold nights in spring after having been thawed out the previous day. It’s best done in late March or early April.

Vitamin & Mineral Tablets

Your horses, just like you if eating a well-balanced diet, should not need supplimental vitamins and minerals.


The problem with equine vitamin and mineral mixes is that they taste really bad. The only certain way to get a horse to ingest it is to mix it with enough grain and molasses to dilute and mask its flavor. Therein is the problem. Not only should the average horse not have more than a bit of grain but in our case, the horses may be considered a little over conditioned. They don’t need the additional fat that the grain will contribute.


Through a lot of trial and error we have managed to compress the daily recommended amount into a bite-sized treat. In so much as your horses are getting at least a portion of their requirements from grass or hay, skipping a few days is not a problem. All of our ingredients are organic and nontoxic at many times the recommended feeding rate.



Bott Egg Removal

If there is any one product that you simply must try it’s our Bott Egg Solvent!


We have always been frustrated by an inability to remove Bott eggs from our horses. They don’t wash off, they don’t scrape off, but still they readily come off when licked and end up in the horse’s digestive system.


The eureka moment came when we borrowed a bit of one of hour horse's saliva and wiped the eggs right off with it. Of course, the eggs are attached with a natural glue which is soluable by horse saliva.


With the help of a chemist friend, we now offer synthetic horse saliva. It may sound more than a little strange, but you’ll be amazed how well it works. Just put a little on a cloth and wipe them off! If you don’t think this product is fantastic, we’ll refund your purchase price plus any shipping charges you paid.


Contact us to order or find out more.

Equine Care

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